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Human. Centred.

We facilitate inspiring & engaging human-centred learning experiences for leaders and teams.



We believe in relationships over RACI's, that behaviours trump process, and building belonging matters. But, we also believe it is an 'and' not an 'or' conversation. We believe our global experience is unmatched, our approach is unique, and our commitment to clients unwavering. Most of all, we believe in being a part of positive change, and we believe we can do that with you.


We offer fully customized experiences, including:

  • World-class Meeting & Conference Facilitation

  • Leader & Manager Training Programs

  • High Performing Team Workshops

  • Adventure Inspired Content


Meeting & Conference


QBR’s, Sales Kick-Off’s, Cross Functional, Strategic, Leadership or Whole Team meetings... we’ve done it all, and we do it all.


It’s a significant investment of time, energy and money pulling an audience together, so why not make the most of that investment and partner with us?


We'll work with you to design an engaging agenda, then deliver a world-class 'best of my professional career' type experience for you and your team. We can also work with you to theme the event and even support you with follow up ideas.


Knock your next meeting out of the park by reaching out today.

Leadership & Manager


The days of ‘command and control’ are over. Today’s business world is about ‘engaging and unleashing’ your workforce. Leaders and managers must be equipped to deal with the complexities of matrix organisational structures, increased generational diversity, talent shortages, and so much more.


The spotlight is firmly on leadership at all levels and they need the right training to step up and meet these challenges head on. 


From one-off events, to 12-month learning journeys, we can design and deliver Learning & Development experiences that drive the positive change in your people you are looking for.

Find out more about the skill development learning modules we offer.


High Performing Team


Attrition is up. Productivity is down. Fatigue is high. Motivation is low. And paying people more isn’t going to solve any of these issues for you. What will, is remembering this simple fact - humans are tribal by nature. We have an innate need to belong to a group, a tribe, a team. That need goes into overdrive during times of change and uncertainty, like for example when facing a global pandemic that continues to drag on. Unfortunately, the past two plus years of sanitized and socially distanced living has eroded our tribal connections and left teams in turmoil. 

As we stare headlong into another year of COVID induced chaos, this year is shaping up to be a make or break year for many businesses. History tells us those who double down and invest in their people and teams rise above the rest at times like these. That’s where we come in. We offer half day, 2-day and 6-month team journeys to reconnect and rebuild your team’s tribe vibe!

Adventure Inspired


Stories engage and entertain us. They fascinate and focus our attention. They inspire and induce action. That is why we use them.

Our team of adventurous souls have summited the highest mountains, rowed across oceans, surfed the biggest waves on the planet, explored the frozen Poles, and so much more.


Hear their stories of inspiration, adversity, and resilience in various formats - as a motivational keynote address, as a video based workshop, or as a highly immersive simulated team experience. 

Enquire today about how our library of amazing stories can inspire your people to greater heights. 

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"The Sparring Partners have been a tremendous asset to our teams here at Microsoft. Their insights, approach, and presence combine to help drive highly impactful and effective engagements. They have worked successfully with some of our most senior leaders in both individual and team settings, and have stepped just as easily onto the stage to lead multi-day engagements with very large-group audiences. They are excellent coach and brainstorming partners, think systemically about event/content/team effectiveness design, and collaborate extremely well across both internal and external stakeholder groups."​

Director of Talent Management and Leadership

- Microsoft Digital, Services and Success


“The Sparring Partners have been an amazing extension to our leadership team. They have helped Cisco Marketing facilitate everything from very large global meetings, with people from diverse backgrounds, to small intimate leadership meetings, all where the stakes were high and the impact required was dramatic. With a mix of business acumen, leadership expertise, emotional intelligence and boundless energy, they focus on delivering outcomes. Many of their ideas, concepts and disciplines are methods we continue to use today.”​

VP Digital Marketing, Demand Generation, Marketing & Strategic Operations

- CISCO Systems

“Cameron’s presentation and facilitation style is captivating, engaging, and deeply rooted with techniques supported by the latest neuroscience. His approach to our leadership and talent development efforts has been to augment our own model with cutting-edge facilitation and learning experiences. This approach has equipped our leaders with knowledge and tools for empowerment and strategy execution, while further aligning our team behind our core organisational mission.”​

SVP Head of Human Resources, Enterprise Services

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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