Below are a selection of the Leader and Manager Skill Development modules we offer categorized as 'Skills for Leading Self' and 'Skills for Leading Teams'. These modules stand alone, or can be delivered in combination with each other, and can be delivered face-to-face or virtually. Start the change today, contact us to learn more about our offerings.



Skills for Leading Self:

  - Your North Star: Authentic Leadership

  - Strong 4 Life: A Resilience Model

  - Branded: Building A Personal Brand

  - Move Mountains: The Science of Peak Performance

  - Mindset: Building a Growth Mindset

  - Mindfulness Matters: Slowing Down to Speed Up

  - Up Your EQ: Emotional Intelligence



Skills for Leading Teams:

  - The Talk: Mastering Difficult Conversations

  - Communicating for Impact: Presenting & Facilitating

  - Coaching Conversations: Coaching & Feedback

  - Stepping Up: Executive Presence

  - Belonging: Inclusion & Teaming

  - The Social Glue: Building Trusted Relationships

  - Stay Strong: Motivating Performance

  - Unleashed: The Neuroscience of Leading Teams

  - The Secret Sauce: Applied Neuroscience For Leaders

  - Break Down The Walls: Collaborating Effectively

  - LTC: Leading Through Change & Uncertainty

  - Innov8: From Ideation to Innovation

  - Gett Personal: Storytelling to Sell, Influence & Inspire

  - Aspire: Goal Setting to Drive Performance